Thursday July 19, 2001
Upon returning from Paris

I Figured Out Why There Is Only One Eiffle Tower

Simplicity?  Elegance?  Minimalism?
I don't think so.
They could only get it up once.

Not that that is a bad thing.
Sometimes once is enough.
It was the last gasp from the Chretians.
One last Gothic spire dedicated to the 'other'.

Now take Manhattan.
It is peppered with the egos of a legion of demigods.
The only abstraction is the wealth and greed of the twin world trade towers.
The monolithic spires come with individual resumes.

What does all this phallic exuberance have to say about Protestantism?
Perhaps it is a comment on unbridled male energy.
After all, Paris is a femme fatale -
requiring one good lover to do the job.
La Tour Eiffle has been that lover for over a century.
It is a continuation of the rose and the unicorn.
No wonder Paris is such a romantic city.
All parties are satisfied.

Masturbatory Manhattan just can't get off.
It's a boy's world and 'bigger is better' is the only game.

(c) anonymous go***ss  7.19.01


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