Monday December 3, 2001
12:40 AM

Now What

Who in their right mind
Could dream of going
Past them.
French culture:
Song, dance, cuisine,
Flowers, painting,

And yet we leapt forward.
Not better, not beyond.
Just an inevitable change,
A seismic value shift.

The pope said,
"Don't live by the rhythm of machines."
We've done just that for
One hundred fifty years.
After Marie Antoinette
Came Lady Lovelace.

The need comes from within
Not from without.
The greater need prevails.

Mechanization made each vote equal.
Handwork served royalty.
It's not important who has the idea
It's who uses it that counts.

Information just wants to be free.
Whose information?
Used by whom?
Transferred where?
The large dark unexplored earth
Has all popped into focus on the screen.

We're all present.
All equal.
And we all know everything

Now what.

(c) anonymous go***ss  12.3.01



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