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A Video Art Program by Carol Goss
This jpeg image is a photo of
        a Selcuk tile taken in Istanbul, Turkey.

The program KAIROS cannot be understood on a literal level. It presupposes that images are a language of the right brain, decipherable by the unconscious. Verbal language content is used to preoccupy the linear, conscious channels of the viewer's brain. The viewer is then able to free-associate with the visual content. This pre-cognitive knowing bypasses third party narrative interference and permits the viewer to communicate directly with the original image makers. Time is collapsed into first hand experience. "Kairos" is the Greek word for "epochal time" or a "changing of the gods", for which there is no equivalent in English, because the cultural memory of that language group is too brief. Turkey (Anatolia) has had continuous city-state culture for over 10,000 years. Its human occupants have come from Asia, Europe, and the Persian/Arabian penninsula. It is on the edge of: West/East; urban/nomad; Christian/Muslim/Jewish; eunuch/hermaphrodite; matriarchal/partriarchal; figurative/geometric; modern/prehistoric.

In 1990 Carol Goss was invited to give a lecture and exhibit on "Electronic Painting" at the Selcuk Universitesi in Konya, Turkey. Her residency there for a month allowed her to record video, 35mm slides, b/w print film and keep a journal. She traveled from as far east at Urgup, and back through Ankara, Ephesus, Izmir, and Pergamon to Istanbul, one month before the outbreak of the Gulf War. These recordings are the primary source material for KAIROS.

KAIROS technically employs verbal threads which are intentionally unrelated to the visual track . These threads serve as an anchor providing linear security to the viewer, while they are left visually suggestible. In order to sustain the desired image density, all source materials must be digitized. Multiple layering, including short, subliminal edits require the use of a non-linear editing system.
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