C A R O L   G O S S

Vanessa Bley performing in Wrapture at the Not Still Art Festival 2000.

W  R  A  P  T  U  R  E

WRAPTURE, is a 28:00 program containing a series of  five new works including:
a rhapsodic indulgence combining the constant drift of the ocean surf with performances
by Paul Bley
(music), Vanessa Bley (dance) and Carol Goss (director, camera and mix).

a short venture into the separation of the senses with

digital imaging by Carol Goss and audio synthesis by Eugene Martynec.

a play between body and light, with camera and digital imaging by Carol Goss,

movement by Esaias Johnson, and music by Rainer Wiens.

a complex spin on the distractions of summer, Goss, Johnson and Martynec.
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a synthesized trip through an abandoned school

accompanied by the music of Jaco Pastorious, Pat Metheny, Bruce Ditmas and Paul Bley.

Carol Goss recording Wrapture, Vanessa Bley dancing.

28:00  Color  NTSC  HiFi Stereo
Distributed by Improvising Artists International
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Broadcast on WNET-TV, New York City July1 & 5, 2004
"Wrapture" was created in live performance at the Not Still Art Festival at the Micro Museum, Brooklyn, NY
on April 29, 2000.  "Relativity" was exhibited at the Oni Gallery as part of the Boston Cyberarts Festival.
"O.K." was exhibited at Gallery 53, Cooperstown, NY and "Relations" was created with dancer Esaias Johnson
in performance at the Miami Beach Dance Studios.

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