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The 12th Annual Not Still Art Festival

If you wish to exhibit NSA Festival programs at your institution, please contact us to make arrangements.


The Not Still Art Festival is a festival by artists for artists.  It is produced with help from a  Presentation Funds Grant from the Experimental Television Center, which redistributes funds from the New York State Council on the Arts

New York State
                    Council on the Arts  ETC

Not Still Art is a sponsored project of
Promote Art Works, Inc.

Additionally we would like to thank the Micro Museum for hosting the Festival , as well as for providing us with this website and for media facilities.

...founded in 1996 to celebrate abstract and non-narrative electronic motion imaging with music and sound design


New York City

SURF'S UP in NYC - 3:00 PM
Join video artists,
John Hawk, curator of the CalArts program,
and Carol Goss, founder of Not Still Art, in a discussion of East Coast / West Coast video art practices.  Other exhibiting artists will be participating.

curator:  Carol Goss
8:00 PM

"Version 3.0"  4:44

Patrick Pelletier   video and music

"In the center of a universe where the frontiers between the infinitely small and the infinitely big seem to converge in a single principle..." 

"Peel" 7:36 

  Surabhi Saraf   video and sound

"A visual and sonic echo of the present instance:  an unexamined moment is given life. The transitional motion of going to the fridge to get an ingredient is stretched into the echo of an unforgettable instant, and what emerges is an examination of the subtlety and hidden beauty of that moment..."


"murmur"  7:00

Peter Byrne / Carole Woodlock  images
Michaela Eremiasova  music composer

  "A contemplation on memory and landscape ... a layered, shifting and evolving sense of space."

"The Psychosis Series Tape #1" 2:17

Janaye Brown   video and sound
Tim Hecker  "Balkenize You"  music sample, courtesy Alien8 Recordings


"A quick glance into the brain waves of a young woman."

"Pollen" 4:36

Vishal Shah  director

Adam Stansbie  music

"...light and dark, organic and synthetic, certainty and ambiguity, existence and emptiness....most important of these - movement and stasis."

"scattered... ...wide"  5:38

Henry Gwiazda  visuals and music

" architectural/sculptuered utopia in which cities will collaborate with the natural landscape by reflecting their forms and by finding the right balance of natural and man-made, allowing space to exist (scattered... ...wide) between them."


"Anthropos"  4:10

Mathieu Tremblay   visual
Charles Cotvin / Greg Bonnier / Mathieu Tremblay  music

Light and time are intertwined in an ethereal space which nonetheless refers to the man made 'right angle'...

"Ice Fantasy"   5:35

Emile Tobenfeld   video

Mike Marando music

Dr. T reveals the continuously evolving forms of H2O... 

"Water Wars"  5:00

Carol Goss   video and sound

 "Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink ..." (Coleridge)

"Obsessive Reflection"   2:16

Natasha Prosenc   video
Data Direct music

A person fixated with her own image and how others might perceive her.


 "Is It Safe?"  2:54

Larry Wang  sampled and fabricated images, video and music

"What I create is based on the level at which I am amused by a series of elements and how they go together... in this piece there is some sort of visual/aural movement from the street to dreaming.  As it turns out, there is a political intent in its construction as well..."

"NDaS"   4:30

Peter Bo Rappmund  video
 music mix of "V" by 
Ulrich Krieger and "Baikal Ice Flow Split 2" by  Peter Cusack, both used by permission

"...based on the painting, 'Nude Descending a Staircase No. 2' by Marcel Duchamp...NDaS was created with
thousands of still photos that were vectorized before processing through stitching algorithms...then tweaked with an EAB system.



curated by  John Hawk, faculty member and video artist
8:00 PM

"Intermittent Delight"  4:00

Akosua Adoma  video and sound

"Intermittent Delight" explores the sexist mores of textile production in parallel with a mid-1960s commercial aimed
to instruct women on the how-to-decorate your 1960s refrigerator.

"Aterbesok"  3:00
Mondi  video and sound

A further exploration in a series of computer generated abstract animations.

"I.V."   6:00 (excerpt)

Carole Kim  live video feed
Lewis Keller electronics
Toshi Nakamura no-input mixing board

"This is a video excerpt from a performance where I set up an IV drip into a dark pan with a monitor of a live video mix suspended above.  As water filled a reflection surface formed allowing for an image to emerge,  The drip as a lifeline, heartbeat, disturbance conjures the fragility and instability of the membrane by which the image is formed."

"Scroggins Beach"

Jim Ellis   video and music

"A 3-D journey through a virtual body of water. " 
(Appropriate eyewear will be provided.)

"Signal to Noise"   3:00

John Hawk  video and sound

"Slow motion imagery of television monitors turning off."

"Power Spot"  7:13

Michael Scroggins  video
Jon Hassell  music

A student of Nam June Paik, Michael went on to design and build the Videographic Lab at CalArts.  This piece is a pure analog music video for jazz great, Jon Hassell, created using only video feedback in combination with a video switcher.

"Videographics 2007-2009"  4:30

Various Artists  video
Kasandra Woodring  music


A montage of some outstanding student and faculty video abstraction produced in the CalArts Videographics Lab from 2007 to 2009.

"Automatic White Balance"   8:00

Hillary Kapan  image and sound

Manipulating the automatic and manual white balance on a video camera acts as a humorous yet meaningful metaphor  for deeper issues.

All quotes are the artists' statements.

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