Not Still Art
Not Still Art, a forum for artists working in abstract and non-narrative electronic motion imaging with music/sound design, disseminates artists' work via international screenings, live performances, conferences, publications, and hard and virtual media.  Not Still Art produces historic and contemporary programs in collaboration with art institutions, broadcasters, publishers, and internet organizations.

Since the inception of the Not Still Art Festival in 1996,  when the first "call for entries" went out, tapes have been received from all over the world.   Artists who felt isolated for lack of a venue devoted exclusively to their art form have travelled from Toronto, Virginia, Philadelphia, Boston, Rio de Janeiro and Hong Kong to see their work screened at the Festival.

Not Still Art  wishes to increase public exposure to an artform that has evolved from the film cell format of the animations of the Cubist painters and the experimental filmmakers  of the early 20th. century, to  "real-time" electronic imaging with the development of analog video synthesizers in the 1970s and digital tools since the 1980s.

The ecstatic impulse found in the creation of abstract and non-narrative electronic motion imaging communicates universally and internationally.


The NOT STILL ART Festival has presented cutting edge technology to the public since 1996.
 -  Live computer/video performances with custom performance software
 -  Live internet broadcasts of performances
 -  Computer animation using 3D particle and physics software

The Festival has also exhibited classic video art programming.
 -  1970s analog video synthesis by pioneer artists such as Peer Bode, Doris Chase,
     Carol Goss, and Walter Wright on the Paik-Abe, Jones, Rutt-Etra, and Sandeen
 -  "Distressed" video by artists exploring the "taboo" range of the video and audio signal
 -  Performances on early computers such as the Amiga and Atari

Educational programs have included:
 -  Panels on video art:  production, philosophy, art world context, new-media
 -  Workshops and demonstrations with analog and digital video art tools
 -  Streaming Media Art online discussion group

In 1999 the Festival began making the International Screening available to the artists so that they might screen it in their communities and local institutions.

Festival Director: Carol Goss

The Not Still Art Festival is produced by artists for artists.  It has been sponsored by the Boston Cyberarts Festival, ONI Gallery, Boston, the Boswell Museum, East Springfield, NY, Gallery 53 and the Cooperstown Art Association, Cooperstown, NY.  In the past the festival has been supposrted by Decentralization Program grants, which are made possible, in part, with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts.  In Otsego County the Decentralization Program is administered by the Upper Catskill Community Council of the Arts.  The Festival has also been made posible with funds from the Presentation Funds Grant from the Experimental Television Center, and promotional support from Media Alliance at WNET/Thirteen, FIVF/AIVF and the Bay Area Video Coalition.
Thanks to for graciously providing internet access and this website in support of the arts.   Festival Director: Carol Goss

Thanks to TELENET.NET  for  providing internet access and this website in support of the arts.

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