Bley at Lincoln Center with Haden 2000 - NYTimes

1932 - 2016

Review in Jazzman Magazine France: "One of the greatest pianists in the history of  jazz" 2014      
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"In the final reckoning,
PAUL BLEY's influence over the last 50 years of jazz -
and it continues -
will be enormous....
Deeply original and aesthetically agressive,
Mr. Bley long ago found a way  to express
his long, elegant, voluminous thoughts
in a manner that implies complete autonomy
from its given setting but isn't quite free jazz. 
The music runs on a mixture of deep historical knowledge
and its own inviolable principles."

Ben Ratliff,  New York Times,  Sunday May 21, 2006

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P A U L   B L E Y  -  solo piano  -  1994
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Musicologist Norman Meehan's "After the melody : Paul Bley and jazz piano after Ornette Coleman"


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