P A U L   B L E Y


PAUL BLEY: the logic of

Paul Bley: la logica del caso
(Paul Bley: the logic of chance)
in Italian

by Arrigo Cappelletti
ISBN 88-8302-236-x

Realease Date:  January 2004

Excerpt  on Bley from Cappelletti's book  "Il profumo del jazz" (translated):

 "Paul Bley reproduces the canons of minimalism
 in a way that is not dogmatic.  He cares about a type of
 research that is open and, as such, can lead anywhere.
 He named "Adventures" one of his compositions, and
actually adventure along with risk can definitely be regarded
 as the fundamental values of his music.
So, he is a minimalist, but only just. After all, those
simple elements (fragments?) his music is made of tell us more
 about themselves and their story than some overcomplex
 modern music.
 Paul Bley's music is truly mysterious and evocative....
It's mostly a meta-musical operation, a poetic reflection on
the principles and the very foundations of jazz and the
 whole of western music, which he researches in their
 basilar structural ties. It is a strongly intellectually orientated
 operation (that, in spite of some similarities, is so far away from
 Jarrett's poeticts which can be so naive), though so distant
 from any intention of ironic quotation. Different moments of
our musical history are revived rather than quoted: most of
the time Bley does that with emotion and lyricism."

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