C A R O L   G O S S


W  R  A  P  T  U  R  E
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C A R O L    G O S S / direction & camera
V A N E S S A   B L E Y / dance     
P A U L   B L E Y / music

WNET-TV Channel 13's "Reel New York" broadcasts "WRAPTURE"
in the 'New York Dances' program beginning Thursday July 1 and Monday July 5, 2004,
plus on other dates through 2007.

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Carol Goss's video intro to 'WRAPTURE':


1.) What inspired you to make this piece?

“Wrapture” began with the ocean,
the abstract movement of the waves,
their power and randomness.

When I was ten years old I was caught in the undertow
and swam down instead of up.
My life passed before me in postcards.
But being only ten, there were so few cards, that I had time
to reconsider and find the way to the top!

Later I read a story
about the rapture of the deep -
the ecstasy one experiences when drowning.
All these endorphins kick in.

2.) Do you have any interesting/and or amusing behind-the-scenes stories about the making of this particular work?

We did a performance at the Not Still Art Festival and
I put Vanessa Bley, a wonderful singer/composer who happens to dance in this piece, on top of a small bench and gave her a long wrap.
She could only bend and move her arms, but otherwise was fixed to the spot.
This way the camera would create the movement and undulate like waves.

3.) What is the relationship between your work as a video/filmmaker and life in the New York metropolitan area?

New York is life and death about art..
You do your best work here.
Everyone keeps track.
Sink or swim, it is an ecstatic experience to be a part of the scene.

4.) What films/videos and makers have inspired you or influenced your work?  And why?

I admire a number of video and computer artists, but I've been influenced by Aristotle's "Poetics", William S. Burroughs' "Cut Up Theory", John Cage's understanding that everything is permissible….plus the work of great musicians like Gary Peacock and Paul Bley, which shows us that creativity is the act of improvisation.

5.) How would you define “independent” film and video today?

It is the best of times for making and the easiest of times for disseminating.

6)   If viewers are interested in obtaining copies of your work for rental or purchase, whom should they contact and at what address and phone number?

Video Program: Wrapture 28:00
Distribution and licensing:

P.O. Box 496
Cherry Valley, NY 13320
iai 'at' improvart.com

7.) For your on-air introduction of your work, please tell us IN THREE OR FOUR SIMPLE SENTENCES what your intentions were in making this piece and/or what it is about.  We will then get back to you with suggestions, if necessary, and to arrange a taping date in early May.  If you cannot be here for the taping, we would like you to ask someone else affiliated with your film to do the on-air intro.  Also please note there is a possibility that we will stream this on-air introduction on our website as well.

“Wrapture “ is about letting go, drifting, succumbing to a force greater than ones self.   I’d like the viewers to feel that.  I’d also like them to enjoy the beauty  and drama of the moving images for their own sake – the way they enjoy music.

8)   How would you like your title to read for your on-air introduction and website? Director? Producer? Writer?  Filmmaker?  Video Artist, etc.?  

Director / Video Artist

Carol Goss recording Wrapture, Vanessa Bley dancing.

4:00  Color  NTSC  HiFi Stereo
Distributed by Improvising Artists International
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"Wrapture" was created in live performance at the Not Still Art Festival
at the Micro Museum, Brooklyn, NY on April 29, 2000.

E-Mail: iai@improvart.com

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